My name is Richard M. McCord II. I have served in both the United States Army and Air Force, both at home and abroad. My military career was cut short after I was medically released from Service due to an unfortunate training accident, and an even more unfortunate I.E.D. attack on my convoy.

The purpose of my website is to allow me a venue for sharing my thoughts-- both positive and negative. I will point out that I have absolutely no Degree in any field, and do not profess to be an expert on any subject matter. This website is a place for me to share my opinions, and every article should be read with that in mind.

It should be noted that I use "adult" and "offensive" language. A lot. If you do not like the way I express myself, you are free to stop coming to my website. Also, I do not align myself with any entity other than myself: I have absolutely no stake in any religion, political party, racial groups, or other agenda-seeking organizations. My opinions are entirely my own and will be expressed here with no beating around the bush or double-talk.

As for my personal agenda, I merely seek to play what little role I have in getting America to where I feel it needs to be. While I am firm on what I feel America is supposed to stand for, and believe it so strongly that I was willing to place my life on the line to defend it, I am not afraid to admit that we are not perfect. We started off on the wrong foot by claiming to be about Freedom while denying women and minorities an equal voice until much later in our existence as a Country, and we continue to make mistakes today. And recognizing this fact, I aim to propose my ideas on how to correct these mistakes and keep them from happening again.

I will also be commenting on stories covered by the media and how they handle reporting those stories, politics and society in general, and writing satire articles as it suits my fancy. If you have a story you want me to give an opinion on, feel free to click the Contact link in the main menu to shoot me an email with your request. Bear in mind, however, that if I comment it will be entirely based upon my own opinion; I owe you nothing, and will not guarantee to agree with you... not even for money. This website is all about how I feel, think, and perceive each issue.

All that being said, I do hope you enjoy your stay here and find some entertainment in my rants.

If you were here in the past (before 03OCT2015), you may notice that my site has been re-written and is missing a LOT of posts. The reason is that my website was hacked and I'm only now getting around to rebuilding it. I'll try to get old articles back up as I find the time to do so, but for now I'm trying to work on current content.